Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stylenspire: hallowed eve

Today, a good most of us will be indulging in frivolous dress and fun fare for hallow's eve. While all this can be enjoyable, our choice of fun should evidence the hallowed beings we are. As such, my choice of style for the day is very much simply me, with a dash of flighty fun with my top hat. I am once again sporting my fur trim cardi' for warmth and style, and enjoying wearing this gorgeously rich colored silk skirt. True representation of self is evident at all times without compromise from circumstance or happenstance. I trust that whatever your choice of fun for today, you'll candidly reflect the light that you are. 

Enjoy! xOXo  

Outfit deets: Ruche Mesh Turtleneck top by Sweet Pea (old from Macy's) // Hallow's Eve top hat + Tory Burch KATHLEEN maxi skirt (fab find / bid for itfab options) + Juicy Couture Black Pyramid Cuff + Steve Madden DARRT metallic pump are each fab finds from TJ Maxx

Stylenspiration: "Trick or Treat? Hollow or Hallow? Which is your style?" 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Stylenspire: what's fall got to do with it?

Oh Summer, where art thou? And Autumn season, how long will thou stay-est with me that I may possibly escape the Wintery days to come? Sigh*** It has gotten cold with Fall season in full swing and I have resorted to quoting weather-shakespear (what a life! LOL). I cannot help it that as much as I enjoy the cool, sometimes cold-sun days of Autumn, I keep thinking Winter, Winter, Winter. And this little one simply does not enjoy the Winter! 

Okay, so enough of my whining! I have missed out on a few blog weeks while trying to get some things with life on track, and I am glad to be back! During my little hiatus, all I have heard and seen is buy, buy, buy….hence the Fall, Fall, Fall + Winter, Winter, Winter = buy, buy, buy! Chuckles* I mean seriously? Except you are going to be doing a massive haul of your closet from the previous season, if you ask me, there is only so much you can continually buy. 

The best shopping principle that I live by is shopping opposite seasons. At the end of Summer when all the stores are bringing in Fall/Winter trends, they aim to get rid of all current Summer fashion pieces. To this point, they will discount their merch' with a variety of sale events till they are all gone. In reverse, when Spring arrives, traders look to haul out all the Winter pieces which at that time no one will want because most people are looking to shop new for the coming warmth.  This is when I shop! At the end of one season to stock up for the following year. And because I only buy pieces that I love, it never fails to become the IT items in my closet when the new season arrives. 

Like the fur trim collar Vince sweater I am wearing today. It has been my repeat go to since the turn of the weather. I shopped this 'must-have' last Spring and have saved it for now. I paired it with this trendy batik midi skirt I custom made for myself and a cashmere men's sweater. All the pieces I styled my outfit with are very much today's trend with vibrant autumnal colors, shopped from my closet and very much me. 

Enjoy and please share your thoughts with comments below. xOXo!

Outfit deets: Ralph Lauren Black Label Men's Cashmere Sweater (old) + Vince Fur Trim Removable Collar Cardigan (sold out) + B Brian Atwood Fontenay Platform Sandals (metallic gold option) + Elie Tahari fold-over Goat Hair Clutch + Ralph Lauren sunnies are each this maxxinista's fab finds @ TJ Maxx // DIY Indonesian Batik Midi Swing Skirt (custom made by me)

Stylenspiration: "The beauty of a resplendent style, can also be represented in praise in all seasons.
Praise the Lord from the heavens, 
Praise Him all His angels,
Praise Him you highest heavens,
Praise the Lord from the earth,
Let them praise the Name of the Lord,
For He commanded and they were created.
In each season,  His Splendor is above the earth and the heavens." Y.S
See, PSALM 148

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Homenspire: shoe rack shelving

I'm a little DIY girlie and I love to create and design and organize and create. LOL! You'll often find me fiddling on things to create a beauty. Not just with the clothes I make, but at home in my sanctuary. I believe we should each create the comfort and style of our homes to reflect the beauty of who we are. Not all makeovers require a big reno or refurbishing and that's where DIY comes in. More so for me, it is the joy and satisfaction I get from seeing the art in my mind come to life. Most DIYs are spun from a need, or an inspiration as is the case with this project.

A few weeks back, my friend, PeeJay tagged me on an instagram picture on a DIY shoe rack. I fell in love. She knew I had this need for something to organize my endless number of shoes, and her tag came at just the right moment(a God thing) when I was getting to the point of being fed up. In the period that I made up my mind to purchase a shoe organizing/shelving unit, I came to realize that they fell under two categories: the good-expensive and the flimsy-expensive. Boy was I in above my head or what? Co-blogger SimplyHerLiving graciously emailed me the details to this DIY and I also googled DIY shoe racks/shelving and was led to the blogs below. 

     Courtesy GeniaBeMe

Courtesy OurFifthHouse

I was skeptical about how the shoes laid on the wall with the wall trim/moulding. I am a visual person and I work best once I am able to process a project from start to finish in my mind. I was going to take a couple of heels with me to go trim/moulding shopping but the trim of my dresser caught my eye. It seemed similar to those used in the blogs so I tried it out as seen below. 

When I placed the heel on the trim, the first thing that came to mind was that "this won't work for flats". Also, the heels where not exactly well balanced on the trim (the black shoe on the floor would not stay), and since all heels are differently constructed, I figured this will not be the best option for me. But I was optimistic that this will be the answer to my shoe-organizing woes.

With this wealth of knowledge my next stop was my neighborhood Home Depot. Once I got to HD and was shown the shelving aisle, my eyes lit up. There were a variety of options with endless possibilities. I tried out different ideas in my head with what I saw in the store. Please note that in my mind, I worked with the canvas of the layout of my room to help make the decision of what best fit my need and style.

If you are looking to work on a project like this for yourself, please enjoy viewing these options and then take a trip to your nearest home improvement store to discover a world of DIY possibilities.

Happy creating!

My choice brackets 
Brackets shown here in different styles 
The 11.8x35.8 White Shelf I chose (also available in different sizes and colors)
What it looks like taken apart
The first two tiers.
I allowed enough space between the floor and the bottom rung so I could store my tall boots once they came out of their boxes and are being worn. Could also work for storage.
Six tiers high and I love it!
I chose white shelves as my bedroom furniture is white and I knew it would pop on the blue walls
My choice also allows me to use this as shelving and shoe rack

Deets: Rubbermaid 11x38.5 White Shelf  (smaller size / bigger size) + Decorative Shelf Brackets (option 1 / option 2 / option 3) from Home Depot // Project cost $86.67 (approximately $14.45 per shlef) // Project time 2hours // Bonus: "I had a $40 Home Depot gift card that I got as a house warming gift that I put towards the cost of the project. Plus, I paid nothing for workmanship :).

Homenspiration: "Living a beautiful life requires you to invest in the time to create in and the choice to consciously live it."

*Have an idea of what you want before going shopping.
*Take your current room layout and how much space you have into consideration.
*My DIY choice shelf/rack was nailed to the wall, but for equal cost I could have bought a storage shelf, except it lacked character and style. Make your decision if you want it on the wall or on the floor.
*Know that you can achieve this DIY or ask for help (no DIY horrors please)