Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stylenspire: oleku

Today was very much a style fav for me. My outfit takes me back to my roots with style indigenous to the Yoruba culture of SouthWestern Nigeria. This style is a vintage iro & buba that has made a come back on the fashion scene for a few years now. It seems to me like it has come to stay as each wearer seem to add a new twist to their own.

My outfit was originally a traditional simple iro & buba that was a gift from a friend. But of course, this world wide wonder had to take it apart & re-make it my way, hence, the oleku. This is actually my very first oleku as I am a late bloomer of this trend. I find that I really did enjoy making it, & styling it my way for my outfit of the day. I just might find myself at that cutting table making me another one. 
I wore this outfit to work. Chuckles😄
* Yes, work! I'm blessed to work in an environment that requires our work attire to be business casual, & sugar do I have fun interpreting 'business casual daily'. 


Outfit details: DIY embroidered blouse & wrap skirt (designed & made by me) // Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Coach shoes, Swarovski Crystal rings & bracelets, Gold RL bracelets all fab maxxinista finds at TJ Maxx // Movado Bold series watch // Smile is as always Yemisi's

Stylenspirtation: My Yoruba cultural heritage. 
Enjoy this link here for similar styling of  OLEKU 

Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge