Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stylenspire: made to measure

With the turn of the season, fair weather and blossoms inspire us to see newness in everything all around us. Hence, seeking the new in self and style is a sure thing for us world wide wonders. Perhaps, it is a season to take a different approach to seeking our higher self and also how we acquire our fashion. 
Through a decade's experience of custom-tailoring special occasion clothes for women, the trend of bespoke tailored everyday fashion has finally caught on and I thought to share some of my current creations with you.
Be stylenspired to add uniquely tailored custom pieces to your wardrobe. Imagine that you have the say so in all aspects, from the fabrics you use, to how each design is tailored just for you.

Outfit deets:
Bespoke Tailored by me - (1)Water Color Charmeuse with Sequined Tulle overlay midi skirt
(2) Camouflage Charmeuse with Camouflage Tulle overlay midi skirt
(3) Ankara skirt with Mesh overlay
(4) Ankara off-the-shoulder jumpsuit
Styled with - BCBG Maxazria LIZA knit tank +
BCBG Maxazria EVE top in DUSTY OLIVE +
LYDELL NYC statement necklace +
Juicy Couture mixed metal & rhinestone necklace +
H&M cropped denim jacket +
THEORY blazer

Stylenspiration: "Stylenspired with you in mind - custom tailored just for you."Y.S

Monday, April 7, 2014

Stylenspire: spring pursuits

Just as I have broken free of the winter vortex I got sucked into, I get sprung into a deluge of spring pursuits. In a good way though. The frost is gone and the air is lighter, the warmth of the sun has lost its cold glare and the rain has come. All wonderful changes that usher in the Spring season and a long list of to-do, the biggest part being a new move for me.
I am sad I have been unable to blog for a while, yet joyful because there is newness all around me with lots to accomplish. While the Creator reveals His glory with this budding season - both in my life and in nature, I spring forth into all the promises it holds and the fulfillment He'll give. 
My pursuit of fruitful finds may keep me away from blogging much this season, but I will look forward to when I am settled and able to share the joys of style art with you again.
I am so grateful that God "sends the rains in their proper season - the early rains and the late rains - so we can each bring in harvests" of the abundance of His Beautiful Grace". "For He is about to do something new. It begins to happen even now. Do you not percieve it?"
DEUTERONOMY 11:14  and ISAIAH 43:19

Outfit deets: 
Washed Denim Jacket - BAR III (old from Macy's)
Metallic Glazed Lace Skirt: Bespoke tailored by me / DIY (Fabric from Joann's)
Crystal Tri-Color Leather Bracelets - Jessica Simpson (old from TJ Maxx)
T-Strap Pumps: Ivanka Trump (old from Nordstrom)

Stylenspiration: "Spring happily with all the beauty in bloom." Y.S

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stlyenspire: dress revival

A few months back, I had the opportunity to design and style for a Charity 'Murder Mystery Dinner' event sponsored by Honor Without End, Inc - a not-for-profit organization. 
I was offered to showcase some of my bespoke designs and have recently decided to share how I styled them with you.
As is my norm when it comes to designing, the traditional Nigerian/African fabrics were infused with Western elements of fashion to create the style art I wanted. My models were 'girl-next-door' young ladies and it was such a joy to work with them on this night. They each had their unique personality, owned each style and brought to life the mantra "there is no passion to be found playing small…" Enjoy!


Yours truly... 

Outfit deets: Elie Tahari Teal Zip-Back Jacket // LaROK Cropped Sequin Jacket // Express Mesh Tank Tops (teal and maroon) // BCBG Maxazria Satin Peplum Jacket // Shoes (each model's own) // Everything else designed by me with Swiss Voile Lace/Ankara/Batik/Mesh/Satin Fabrics
Photos: joyfully by Renita Hills
Models: JocelynCelina + Amanda + Cassaundra + T'Amara  
Style Artist: Self

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lifenspire: baby it's cold outside

Happy Monday World Wide Wonders! 
I have thoroughly missed chronicling my style art for each day, but it has been unkindly cold in my side of the world. I hope you are each keeping warm if you need to, and if not, do treasure the warmth of the weather that you are being blessed with.
I look forward to being able to share some style art with you soon. Meanwhile, I await the Spring season when the seed of this season shall yield fruit. 
Lifenspiration: "As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish…so will God's promises for beauty, in each of our lives be made real." ISAIAH 55:9-11

Monday, January 13, 2014

Stylenspire: black, white and snow

Happy Monday World Wide Wonders!

It seems like I finally got pulled out of the vortex of snow, ice, and rain that has been a nightmare. Thankfully, the horrors of frigid temperatures are behind us now. Through this past week, I kept thanking God for the least simple things; things we easily overlook with entitlement while we go on with life. For one heat and warmth - I was continually grateful for a sanctuary I could call home. For hot water - I was always moved to tears every time I took a hot long shower. 
Do you ever wonder what would happen/who you would be if all the little essentials that provide you daily comfort were taken away? The fact that I have these provisions and much more simply spurs my heart on in gratitude to the One Who supports and supplies my needs on all sides. It also confirms my need and belief to be the difference/make the difference for another. Since His Promise is to meet all our needs according to the riches of His Glory in Christ Jesus. PHILIPPIANS 4:19
The pictures from this post did not come out clearly to showcase today's style make up of turtle neck dress, overlaid with a strapless organza dress, and tall boots. But I chose to share it because of the beauty of nature resplendent in the background. It seemed poignant that my silhouette was framed this way; It speaks the truth of my story, that I am only found in the reflection of God the Creator.
P.S. It was fun to be out in the sun and frolic in the snow. Enjoy!
Outfit Deets: Ralph Lauren Collection Jacket (old) (similar here) + BCBG MaxAzria Strapless Organza Dress (good find / fab find / maxxinista find)) + Susana Monaco Cat Turtleneck Dress (top option) are each this maxxinista finds from TJ Maxx  // Vera Wang Lavender LARISSA boots are oldie goodie fab found from Marshall's (similar here / love this one) // Gucci sunnies

Stylenspiration: "When life gives you snow, stylishly layer up for warmth,then go play in it." Y.S

I tell you, old is always new when you have a fab timeless piece to style. Ralph Lauren Collection Runway picture curtesy FABSUGAR

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stylenspire: pebble print

World Wide Wonders, I truly trust that you have each had an enjoyable holiday season and have plenteous reasons to look forward to an amazing year of exceeding grace. My holiday has been so peaceful, refreshing and full of grace. Words cannot express how grateful I am right now and how truly my heart is filled with the joy of His Strength.
In my mellow state of mind, these pair of crepe silk pants was the way to go. I like the way pajama pants have been inducted into style trends. They are so easy to wear with effortless style, and I paired mine with a leather sleeve top and fur vest. For color, I wore these red platform booties that I am so in love with but have not worn in almost a year as the heels are over the top. Today's style make up are each easy wearable pieces that put together this way, I achieved a stylish finish with the pebble print pants and the shoes for focal pleasure.

 Outfit Deets:  THEORY Evlyn Fur Vest (bid for it / buy it / fab find option / more fab options) + Stella&Jamie Rio Leather Sleeve top (options) + Larry Levine Crepe Pants (option1 / option2 / option3) + Swarovski Crystal Key Pendant Necklace (steal / fab find) + Swarovski Circle Crystal Pendant Necklace (color option) + Swarovski Crystal rings are each fab finds from T.J. Maxx // Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Heeled Platform Ankle Bootie (fab options / love / love / love)+ Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet (oldie goodie) Gucci sunnies
Stylenspiration: "Live the blessing of each new day from grace to strength to glory, with stylish resolve." Y.S
"The joy of the Lord is my Strength." NEHEMIAH 8:10