Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stylenspiration: 2013 NYEnspire

For us ladies, decorum in our dressing is a physical translation of an inner understanding of the treasure that we are. Our ability to be gorgeous does not hail from pawning the gift that we are and this idiom for me, is translated in today's outfit. I feel joyously gorgeous and confident in my femininity in this outfit. A stylish way to usher in a new year too.
2013 has been the most challenging year of life! Emotionally, physically, financially, relationally and above all these, spiritually challenging. At a point when I felt like my life has been reduced to nothing-ness, God continually asked for my all in my nothings. I reached a point when my prayer became "no more" but God simply did not give up on me. 
In retrospect, I know there has been a supreme purpose to each challenge and surrender, even though I still lack understanding for the need to have had some of these experiences. Yet my complete existence remains in His Will, under His Sovereign Grace. This truth allows me to rejoice in Him, for each challenge that did not triumph over me in 2013.
I know some of you are also journeying through God's valley of promises. I pray that in 2014, we will each successfully arrive at our very own mountain top of fulfillment. "For no matter how many promises God has made, they are YES in Christ Jesus. And so through Him, the AMEN is spoken by us to the glory of God the Father." 2CORINTHIANS 1:20

Outfit Deets: Bespoke Tailored black and gold knit sequin dress made by me (fabric from Joann / love this one too) // Juicy Couture earrings + Juicy Couture cuff + Armani Exchange watch + Michael Kors wraparound bracelet + Sparkle ring + Steve Madden DARRT metallic pumps are each fab finds from TJ Maxx

Stylenspiration: "The joy of the Lord is my strength."Y.S See NEHEMIAH 8:10

Monday, December 30, 2013

Stylenspire: oldie goodie

I love how I can shop from my closet and make up my outfit with good ol' staples and people keep asking where they can get the pieces from. At the compliments and inquiries, my smile gets wider when I tell them these are old pieces that are just stylishly new. Today's style make up are each oldie goodies and a testament to how important it is for you to buy fashion pieces that are very much you and will become style staples in your closet.
I hope you have had a good holiday season and are each thankfully taking stock of the blessings from 2013. Part of my stock taking process is also to sift through and know what to let go in 2013 and what to embrace in 2014. While sifting through my closet, I found each of these pieces and decided to stylishly enjoy them for today. I am not sure if they will continue with me on my style journey in 2014 but for now, they work.
What about you? Are you counting down to a new year and taking stock of your blessings? If so, what habits/tendencies/style attitudes are you letting go of, or embracing into the new year? 
Rejoice in each opportunity you have each been afforded in 2013 in these last moments. Be assured that God's plans for you in 2014 will be to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future in Him, whereby you will call upon Him and He will answer you. And when you seek Him with all of your heart, He will be found by you. See, JEREMIAH 29:11-13 

Outfit deets: Dena fur jacket + Alice&Olivia strapless dress + Martin&Osa turtle neck (similar) + Michael Kors tall boots + Urban Expressions laser cut out clutch + Vince Camuto belt (borrowed from another dress) + Crystal earrings + Crystal cuff bracelet + Swarovski Crystal rings are each T.J. Maxx fab finds //  Gucci sunnies

Stylenspiration: "The ability to embrace self allows you to be stylishly confident and consistent." Y.S

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stylenspire: CHRISTenspire

The joy of Christmas is singularly the most beautiful gift that has ever been given to us. 

It is the only gift of love that keeps on giving in every season, every high, every low, and at every turn through out our life's journey.  
May the Love that makes Christmas true fill your hearts, homes and lives, today and always!

Outfit Deets: Bespoke Tailored Skirt by Me // Kate Spade Top + Michael Kors Belt (oldie goodie) + Michael Kors Bracelets + Swarovski Crystals Rings + Crystal & Jeweled Earring + Steve Madden are each FAB FINDS from TJ Maxx // Movado Bold Series Watch
Stylenspiration: "The beauty of the Christmas' gift is in the every day glory of life." Y.S
"….I bring you good tidings of GREAT JOY which will be to ALL PEOPLE. For there is born to you this day in the CITY OF DAVID A SAVIOR, WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD." LUKE 2:10-11

Friday, December 6, 2013

Stylenspire: denim squared

‘Tis the season to be thankful….trala la la la….la la la la!

I am so cheesing right now and I don’t know why. As I came in, I did a two step and a skip dance before I sat down to start typing this. I feel so joyful, but this is kind of a parody because I cannot tell you exactly that there is anything to be happy about. 
In this moment I just am! It’s that simple and I am truly thankful for it!

God will give you His joy even when you are not in the mood to smile. It’s called HIS PEACE, which surpasses all understanding (even mine in this moment and I am dancing to it). God knows where you are today. He knows just how to get you to where you need to be. Simply trust His leading and follow faithfully.
Today's outfit post is a flashback of what I wore last Sunday. I paired denim on denim spontaneously, but chose to wear the mod orange jacket (as seen here) for layered warmth and style. 'Tis also the season to keep warm, so layer on your fashion pieces…pair them stylishly.

Have a Grand Friday World Wide Wonders!

Outfit deets: Fendi sunnies (gift from last Christmas) // Denim shirt (I scored it from my cuz / fab find) // Theory Jacket (paired with a Vince Fur Collar Trim / option1 / option2) + Hudson Denim pants + Orange Sans Souci Tux-Style jacket (M Size) + Gunmetal Platform mules (similar here / love this one) + Necklace + Crystal rings are each fab maxxinista finds from TJ Maxx
Stylenspiraton: "Sometimes, be spontaneously unusual to your usual style and you will be surprised by how much you'll like the result." Y.S

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stylenspire: glitter threaded

Isn’t it a much more wonderful day when you wake up and the consciousness of your mind awakens with “heaven sent me a…wonderful…very Special…Beautiful Gift…heaven sent me a…very Wonderful…Supernatural…Special Friend…” I stayed with the hum and the truth of these words until my alarm went off and disrupted my rhythm. Sigh*Undeterred, I decided to keep this melody as I started off my day.

This is my first post of this new month and I am super buzzed. December truly tugs at you to celebrate ‘something’, ‘someone’, ‘somehow’, no matter what your present state in life is. I am celebrating it in many ways starting with DRESSEMBER! 
Visit www.dressember.net for details.
I'm joining with women all over the world to celebrate femininity and to raise awareness for the many opportunities the International Justice of Mission provides for us to participate in changing the world. IJM is making freedom possible and that is a cause for us all to celebrate Learn more about IJM
As there will be no ordinary day in the month of December, I am enjoying today styled with glitter-threaded knits, layered with denim for style and warmth, topped with a bright jacket. Tall boots are often the way to go when you are wearing shorts/skirts in cold weather; but your choosing power should always go for sensibility equaled with style.
May this season be filled aplenty, with all the loving joy our lives can celebrate!
Happy December Days World Wide Wonders! 

Outfit deets: Cynthia Rowley Glitter Cable Knit Sweater (like this) + Cynthia Rowley Sweater Skirt (options) + Levi’s Sleeveless Denim Jacket + Elie Tahari Jacket + Gucci Sunnies  are each my maxxinista finds from TJ Maxx // BCBG Max Azria Tall Boots (oldie goodie)
Stylenspiration: “Make each day count, beginning today! When you celebrate the little, you are rewarded with much joy!” Y.S

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stylenspiration: burgundy grid

Its the eve of the American ThanksGiving celebration, and this officially jump starts the holidays. Through the years, I have noticed that ThanksGiving truly allows people to pause, take stock of their lives and find reason to be thankful, even with little.
Then comes the countdown of days filled with merry making up until Christmas. In my opinion, we live in a time where people do not necessarily acknowledge the reason for Christ's Birthday celebration. Many choose the myth of Santa's globe-trotting-gift-giving excursions with his reindeers, over the truth of a Baby born in a manger for our salvation.
And just when we have survived this merry-moolah, the last few days of the year leads to the birth of a new one filling everyone with the promises of what a New Year holds.
I am thankful that today is simply today, and all I have to do is live it, rejoice in it, and be glad. So I went with a laid back look for my pre-holiday eve. The contrasting mix of patterns from my grid-sweater+floral-printed washed denim+striking red scarf+trendy leather sleeve denim jacket, gave my style an enjoyable casual-chic feel. Just what my style story wanted for the day.

Considering the holidays, I pray that we will each celebrate Thanks and Giving through all our days.
Thanks - for the many blessings in all of our lives, no matter how big or small.
Giving - for the wisdom and understanding to know that we are each blessed to be blessing.
"In all you do, whether in word(thanks) or deed(giving), do it all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." COLOSSIANS 3:17


Outfit deets: W118 by WALTER BAKER Sabrina Sweater (grey+ivory option) // Denim & Supply Skinny Floral Print Jeans (fabfind / like it / love it) + Olive & Oak Pleather Sleeve Denim Jacket (buy here / similar here) + Sam Edelman Renzo Ankle Boots (oldie goodie) + Michael Kors Knit Three-Button Scarf (oldie goodie) + Swarovski Crystals rings + Prada Sunnies. All fab finds from my local TJ Maxx

Stylenspiration: "Style can also tell a story of a grateful heart and a life well lived." Y.S

Monday, November 25, 2013

Stylenspire: noir

Last week, someone asked me if it was okay to wear all black. In my head, my immediate response was "I do wear black, I only always compliment it with color". She continued on to explain why she asked, which had nothing to do with whether or not I wear all black. So I canned my 'inside Yemi's mind dialogue' and paid attention. Nevertheless, she had me thinking about wearing all black, so here goes.

I chose to build on this black dress as I was attracted to the mixed-media blend of knit and leatherette, I added the tights to protect my legs from the cold and went for these comfortable heels. To keep the mixed-media theme going, I topped my leather jacket with a fur jacket. Adding the fur on the jacket gave the finished look an added oomph that I enjoyed. 
Mixed-media is a form of art where varied forms of materials are used to create a single artwork. This term is often used to identify art and in this case, style art, as my whole look has a varied mix of materials like knit/leatherette/leather/fur.

 For jewelry, I chose to compliment the look with my newest fab finds, these Swarovski Crystal necklaces. I often get asked why I write about my faith on a fashion blog and what is fast becoming my famous answer is that "for me, fashion and faith translates in my style". A perfect example are the thoughts that prompted the purchase of these two necklaces. At the TJ Maxx jewelry counter, I never ignore any Swarovski Crystals jewelry that I see. Even if all I do is admire it, I will still ask to see it. 

When I picked up the Circle Crystal Pendant Necklace, the first word that came to life in my mind was 'infinity'. I knew I was starring at a circle shaped piece, and a circle is an infinity shape. No beginning no end. With these thoughts, to the best of my knowledge, an infinity goes on forever, it is eternal, and indisputably, only God is eternal. See ISAIAH 26:4, JEREMIAH 10:10 and DANIEL 4:3 He is the Eternal Rock of Ages, the Eternal King Whose kingdom is eternal!

With the second necklace that I admired, it was the Crystal Key Pendant Necklace, and I automatically thought 'the Key of David'. Bearing in mind two things: I already ascribed the infinity shape of the first pendant to an eternal God; second to that I am currently going through a season of learning how praise is the Key of David with which God opens or shuts doors for our benefit. See ISAIAH 22:22 and REVELATION 3:7 Him Who is Holy and True, Who holds the Key of David. What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts, no one can open.

Viola!!!  The two pieces became must haves for me and truth be told, I needed the little retail therapy pick-me-up. Being that I style my way, the inner me is always represented, hence my faith. Do not get the wrong idea, there is no spiritual revelation that has to transpire with what I buy or what I wear. But my style story is my true story, and my story is written according to God's will for therein lies the truth of my being.

I hope these few words will give you pause to consider how your style represents you. Does it tell the story of the beauty of the One Who is at the center of it all? Or are you lost on the corner of 'high street' where fashion fails to fulfill what you do not allow God to fill?

Outfit deets: Calvin Klein Three Quarter Sleeve Quilted Faux Leather Skirt Dress (find here) + Kate Spade Dotted Tights + DKNY Leather Motto Jacket (similar here) + Dena Fur Jacket (find here / color option / similar here) + Nine West Booties (similar here) + Swarovski Crystal Key Pendant Necklace (steal / fab find) + Swarovski Circle Crystal Pendant Necklace (color option) + Swarovski Crystals bracelets and rings + Juicy Couture Watch + Prada Sunnies are each fab finds from my local TJ Maxx

Stylenspiration: "Fashion and style are not to the exclusion of faith and God's prompting. The talents that produce style are also gifted by Him." Y.S