Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stylenspire: it's a wrap

A wrap dress should be a classic staple in your closet. In recent times there have been fab re-creations of the full wrap dress known as the faux wrap dress. A faux wrap can be more suited to a luscious full-figured woman, & also if you don't want to have to bother about the wrap-around ties. 

The iconic Diane Von Furstenberg is notorious for her wrap dress creations. In my opinion, DVF makes a dress a dress; with her unique blueprint that allows it to grace a woman's body effortlessly.
I love, love, love the printed knit wrap dress that I have on today. & before you ask, "yes, it is a MAXXINISTA fab find from yours truly TJ Maxx." In truth, DVF dresses have pretty steep price point, but as much as I preach 'bottom price' for fashion pieces, there are times when a luxe find like this is worth the pretty penny.

If this statement piece does not already grace your garment collection, do make a mental note to patiently hunt one down for the right style & price. There are other designers out there that have wrap dresses at different price points that won't war between your budget & your style. Wrap dresses/faux wrap dresses are not fads, they are part of the 'must haves' for your stylenspired journey.


Outfit deets: Knit wrap dress is a maxxinista fab from DVF or here // Pumps are L.A.M.B similar here // Juicy Couture bow clutch from Marshalls // Swarovski ring (on right hand) + Murano glass bead necklace are TJ Maxx maxxinista fab finds // Gold Bangles (all different mixes) + Multicolored spike ring (on left hand) were gifts.

Stylenspiration: "Nothing I can ever do can measure up to the gift of Grace that I have been given. I choose to live this Grace thankfully with the blessing of each new day, IN STYLE."


World Wide Wonders, it's the TJ Maxx babe VS. your very own Maxxinista, Who Styled it Best? Leave a comment below & let your vote count. ❌⭕❌⭕❗

Monday, July 29, 2013

Stylenspire: stylish and forgiven

Monday morning & I was waiting for the next tram to get to work. To pass time, I was viewing my IG updates & did not really pay attention to my surroundings. "Excuse me ma'am", I heard to my right. I looked up to see a lady standing there. I answered "yes?" with a smile & she said, "I will like to share with you my favorite scripture in the Bible. My smile grew wider at this & I asked her to go ahead. 

Her scripture of choice was ROMANS 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD & believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." "For it is with your heart that you believe & are justified, & it is with your mouth that you confess & are saved." 

When she opened her Bible & pointed out this scripture to me, I actually read it out loud. At the end of the read, I looked up & saw a stunned look on her face. I told her that "I do believe" & that "I do confess" & thanked her for sharing the Word with me. Then she walked away from me. 

Remember that I am still standing at the tram station waiting on the next one. After the lady left, I looked around me & realized that the station was quite full. I spared the lady no further thoughts & went back to my IG browsing.
Upon the arrival of the tram, I noticed that the lady had somehow woven her way back from the crowd & was in the same car with me. My expression was expectant as I looked at her, then I looked to all of those sitting closest to her & was wondering who her next guest will be. No one. She spoke to no one. 

 At the next stop a lady with these really haute shoes got on. I know what you are thinking...I was actually staring at the floor & when my eyes beheld her shoes, I looked up to see the rest of her. She was indeed beautifully attired. She chose a seat right next to the Bible lady. Once the tram was again on its way, I heard the same voice I heard earlier asking the same question I had been asked. I immediately turned around in time to see & hear the shoe lady answer, "no thank you."

I shook my head & smiled. I could not help but wonder why the lady chose me in a tram station full of people. & after she got on the tram, her next guest was someone that was similarly dressed like me. Where we singled out for her quest because of our looks? Or was she truly Spirit led? My thoughts began to wander to past incidents & feelings of being judged for looking good (not for being good looking, but for being beautifully attired). Like if I am not blandly dressed I therefore cannot have the Spirit of Christ in me. Why are people afraid to open a luxe & beautifully wrapped gift? Do they look at the gift wrap thinking "oh my! The gift inside will probably be worth a fortune so I should not open it." LOL! 

Yes! My mind can really wander sometimes. Nevertheless, while I pondered these thoughts, somewhere in my head I started hearing a tune & these words ๐ŸŽถI'm forgiven ...... ๐ŸŽถI'm forgiven ...... ๐ŸŽถ& I don't have to carry the weight of who thinks what of me ...... ๐ŸŽถwhen I don't fit in & they don't feel like I belong ...... ๐ŸŽถI'm forgiven ...... ๐ŸŽถwhen I don't measure up to much for you, oh I'm a treasure in the arms of Christ cause I'm forgiven๐ŸŽถ
& on & on this song went till I got in to work & started what turned out to be a blessed day. I hope that at some point during your day today, you reveled in the knowledge that you are an all round world wide wonder.

Enjoy viewing the outfit post below!

Outfit details: Vince silk dress similar here & here // Kors Michael Kors ostrich platform + Juicy Couture clutch + Blue Daisy Ray Ban wayfarers all TJ Maxx fab maxxinista finds // Movado Bold Series watch // Swarovski crystals rings & earrings // Strut (Yemisi's own ๐Ÿ˜Š)

Stylenspiration: As for me, my beauty will always be "to the honor of the Lord my God ...... for He has endowed me with splendor." ISAIAH 60:9

Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge

*The lyrics of the tune playing in my head are slightly modified to my thoughts. The original music is FORGIVEN by SANCTUS REAL*

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stylenspire: somewhat nautical

When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning 'ahoy' sprang to mind. I know it is something with my stripped top & sailor bottoms that made me think nautical, but adding the jewelry & shoes puts me on land than at sea. Now I find myself with an itch to go dip my feet in some kind of water. Sigh* I wish there was sea/ocean water nearby.
My jewelry & shoes are the pieces that set today's outfit apart for me. I love, love the shoes I'm wearing & my statement necklace is a vintage piece I found at a consignment store. 
It was fun taking these pictures with Victoria today. I just love her heart! 
Enjoy the 'Extra~Extra' below & don't forget to leave a comment to let me know what you think. ❌⭕❌⭕❗


 *Extra~ Extra*
 ๐Ÿ‘€ it's cookie mustache ๐Ÿ˜‹

Outfit details: Top by Kenar + high waisted sailor pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs from TJ Maxx // Shoes by Sam Edelman now on sale here Amazon shoes // Handbag is a Rebecca Minkoff // Fendi Sunglasses find similar here // Movado Bold Series watch // Vintage Pearl+Onyx+Marcasite necklace fab consignment find // Juicy Couture heart-shaped stud earrings + Silver stones & chain links cuff + Swarovski Crystals rings & bracelets all fab maxxinista finds from TJ Maxx // Smile (Yemisi's own)

Stylenspiration: "Express yourself!"

Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stylenspire: oleku

Today was very much a style fav for me. My outfit takes me back to my roots with style indigenous to the Yoruba culture of SouthWestern Nigeria. This style is a vintage iro & buba that has made a come back on the fashion scene for a few years now. It seems to me like it has come to stay as each wearer seem to add a new twist to their own.

My outfit was originally a traditional simple iro & buba that was a gift from a friend. But of course, this world wide wonder had to take it apart & re-make it my way, hence, the oleku. This is actually my very first oleku as I am a late bloomer of this trend. I find that I really did enjoy making it, & styling it my way for my outfit of the day. I just might find myself at that cutting table making me another one. 
I wore this outfit to work. Chuckles๐Ÿ˜„
* Yes, work! I'm blessed to work in an environment that requires our work attire to be business casual, & sugar do I have fun interpreting 'business casual daily'. 


Outfit details: DIY embroidered blouse & wrap skirt (designed & made by me) // Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Coach shoes, Swarovski Crystal rings & bracelets, Gold RL bracelets all fab maxxinista finds at TJ Maxx // Movado Bold series watch // Smile is as always Yemisi's

Stylenspirtation: My Yoruba cultural heritage. 
Enjoy this link here for similar styling of  OLEKU 

Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stylenspire: peaches & cream

There is no rhythm to how I dress or how my outfit is styled. Each outfit of the day is an expression of that day itself & it always start out with the question "what does this day hold?" For me, the start of each day gets a jumpstart via intimacy with God. First thought process whenever I awake into consciousness is steeped with thankfulness & a wonder of what God has in store for me for that day. From there, the promise of the day starts to take shape as I get ready for work or play. 
Once I decide on a piece of clothing - top, skirt, pants or dress, just one item, everything else falls into place. Today, I thought to wear a skirt (as my legs still had that clean shave from yesterday) & once I decided on the skirt I let the style, color, & my feelings gear me towards selecting the rest of the pieces. 
Since the skirt was my first pick, I allowed myself to be influenced by the color palette. I wanted to keep the femininity of the of the pencil skirt while bearing in mind it was going to be a hot summer day. The peach of the lace also attracted me, so I chose a tank with a richer shade of coral that popped. The white blazer offset the peaches & cream, while bold statement jewelry were a must to add the extra oomph. 
All this decision making happened seamlessly in the span of about fifteen minutes. Considering that I have a catalogued memory of my wardrobe, getting dressed usually falls into place quick enough (whenever there is no battle with indecision). I enjoyed my day with my outfit of choice & got a lot of compliments too. 
I hope you're stylenspired & get the idea of how to shop from your closet starting with one piece of clothing & then to be influenced in the rest of your choices from the color palette, fabric, pattern, or simply with the knowledge of what your day is going to be like.

My skirt today is another one of my creations. It is made from swiss voile lace fabric.

Outfit details: Theory Blazer from Nordstrom // DIY Skirt (designed & made by me) swiss voile lace fabric from Middlesex Textiles // Shoes Paris Hilton // NineWest tank top, Salvatore Ferragamo Bag & jewelry are my fab maxxinista finds from TJ Maxx 

Stylenspiration: Color complement or color combine; create your own palette with an outfit that screams your while stylenspiring others.

Photo credit: joyfully by V.Dodge 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Stylenspire: ankara peplum skirt

I love, love, love white dress shirts! & white tees too! I probably have over a dozen of dress shirts & tees. For me they are a wardrobe staple & I make sure I keep adding to that collection. You cannot do wrong with a white dress shirt or tee on & with anything; jeans, dress pants, skirts, even over dresses, layer up some jewelry on it, or keep it classic & clean. 

Today's shirt is paired with an ankara (african cotton fabric) skirt that I made myself. My look is infused with my Nigerian culture & styled in today's modern trend. You will notice as we journey on to each day's style that I love making my own clothes & adding to my collection, pieces that are infused with today's trend in my traditional Nigerian fabrics. 

This is where I usually point out to you that 'there is no TO DO or rigid rules in styling." Make fashion work for you by styling it your way. 

Outfit details: Jones New York dress shirt from TJ Maxx // DIY Ankara Skirt (designed & made by me) // Bow Pumps & White painted straw clutch from Kate Spade // Watch Armani Exchange // Jewelry are all TJ Maxx fab maxxinista finds. 

Stylenspiration: "I have been wearing a white blouse all my life." "Its like my security blanket - They are classic with a modern twist and they are very feminine, for a real woman. It is about simplicity - they don't look complicated - it has to look effortless." Carolina Herrera 

Photo Credit: joyfully by V. Dodge

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stylenspire: smile art

Blessings are nearer than we sometimes think, richly present in all our moments. The more you are aware of the possibility of a blessing that may be coming around the corner just for you, the more free you are to enjoy the moment. 

Each smile in the pictures below was borne from the gentle nudging of my friend Victoria who took these pictures. She is my blessing that came around the corner, & selflessly enhanced my style with the beauty of her gift. 

Outfit details: Marc by Marc Jacobs silk flower print top from TJ Maxx // Levi Strauss flowered white jeans also a TJ Maxx find // Rebecca Minkoff mini flirty bag // Gold Diane Von Furstenberg flats are old, find similar here // Red Zara Hiver Automne shoe is an old TJ Maxx find

Stylenspiration: Floral power style art attracts. Gold flats were paired with outfit for a busy day, & the red heels worked the outfit for an evening out with friends.

Photo Credit: joyfully by V. Dodge