Friday, August 30, 2013

Stylenspire: RED - eemed

Today's outfit was defined by this skirt that I have never worn out before. It's one of those pieces that I have taken off & gone with a different piece every time I had tried to wear it. This morning, it was a good match with the same color top & my mood, so I went with it. I thought to style the entire outfit monochrome, but I chose a necklace with green gems & stones, & decided to wear the green pumps too.

The first compliment I received was a "wow! vixen, you look stunning in red". Hmmm, I thought, "me vixen?" I do stunning but I don't do vixen. Don't believe I can ever pull it off. The 'vixen' comment threw me into a loop of thoughts & I started to examine my outfit altogether. What stood out was the color red. Does wearing red come with a vixen tag? Then I thought of siren, sexy, foxy (hahaha...isn't vixen a female fox? I just googled that to confirm it). Yet all of these labels meant nothing to me & in no way represented me or my outfit. I took my mind out of the laugh box & moved on to what red really meant to me.

Blood! As that description popped into my head I thought of red as crimson. The Blood is Crimson.
There are many colors to the nature of His Beauty, but the river that flowed from Calvary is Crimson. That color is RED! How befitting that the color that represents redemption is RED. Yes me, the REDEEMED! Not your siren, not her vixen, not his sexy, or their foxy, simply redeemed. I hope you know the same applies to you too. Yes you!

Once I realized that wearing all red (almost) was an opportunity for anyone to tag me, I consciously chose to represent today's color style in the currency of my redemption. Through the day, no labeling compliment came my way again until someone mentioned that they usually think of ChristMas whenever they see a 'red & green' combo. "Nothing about your outfit is christmas-sy though", she said. 

I could not help but have a good roaring laugh at this point. What a day! 
Vixen led me to the Cross, while christmas-sy confirmed The Son that was born to solely journey on to Calvary for the Crimson River that flows just as powerfully in this day as it did thousands of years ago. World Wide Wonders, aren't you glad to be REDEEMED? & stylishly so in the color RED!


Outfit deets: Catherine Malandrino pintuk ponti skirt + Kate Spade  arielle top (good offers) + Leslie Danzis neclace (option) + Dooney and Bourke wristlet (good finds) each maxxinista fab finds from TJ Maxx // Armani Exchange watch // Chinese Laundry pumps (option)

Stylenspiration: "...for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are Mine." ISAIAH 43:1

Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge