Monday, November 25, 2013

Stylenspire: noir

Last week, someone asked me if it was okay to wear all black. In my head, my immediate response was "I do wear black, I only always compliment it with color". She continued on to explain why she asked, which had nothing to do with whether or not I wear all black. So I canned my 'inside Yemi's mind dialogue' and paid attention. Nevertheless, she had me thinking about wearing all black, so here goes.

I chose to build on this black dress as I was attracted to the mixed-media blend of knit and leatherette, I added the tights to protect my legs from the cold and went for these comfortable heels. To keep the mixed-media theme going, I topped my leather jacket with a fur jacket. Adding the fur on the jacket gave the finished look an added oomph that I enjoyed. 
Mixed-media is a form of art where varied forms of materials are used to create a single artwork. This term is often used to identify art and in this case, style art, as my whole look has a varied mix of materials like knit/leatherette/leather/fur.

 For jewelry, I chose to compliment the look with my newest fab finds, these Swarovski Crystal necklaces. I often get asked why I write about my faith on a fashion blog and what is fast becoming my famous answer is that "for me, fashion and faith translates in my style". A perfect example are the thoughts that prompted the purchase of these two necklaces. At the TJ Maxx jewelry counter, I never ignore any Swarovski Crystals jewelry that I see. Even if all I do is admire it, I will still ask to see it. 

When I picked up the Circle Crystal Pendant Necklace, the first word that came to life in my mind was 'infinity'. I knew I was starring at a circle shaped piece, and a circle is an infinity shape. No beginning no end. With these thoughts, to the best of my knowledge, an infinity goes on forever, it is eternal, and indisputably, only God is eternal. See ISAIAH 26:4, JEREMIAH 10:10 and DANIEL 4:3 He is the Eternal Rock of Ages, the Eternal King Whose kingdom is eternal!

With the second necklace that I admired, it was the Crystal Key Pendant Necklace, and I automatically thought 'the Key of David'. Bearing in mind two things: I already ascribed the infinity shape of the first pendant to an eternal God; second to that I am currently going through a season of learning how praise is the Key of David with which God opens or shuts doors for our benefit. See ISAIAH 22:22 and REVELATION 3:7 Him Who is Holy and True, Who holds the Key of David. What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts, no one can open.

Viola!!!  The two pieces became must haves for me and truth be told, I needed the little retail therapy pick-me-up. Being that I style my way, the inner me is always represented, hence my faith. Do not get the wrong idea, there is no spiritual revelation that has to transpire with what I buy or what I wear. But my style story is my true story, and my story is written according to God's will for therein lies the truth of my being.

I hope these few words will give you pause to consider how your style represents you. Does it tell the story of the beauty of the One Who is at the center of it all? Or are you lost on the corner of 'high street' where fashion fails to fulfill what you do not allow God to fill?

Outfit deets: Calvin Klein Three Quarter Sleeve Quilted Faux Leather Skirt Dress (find here) + Kate Spade Dotted Tights + DKNY Leather Motto Jacket (similar here) + Dena Fur Jacket (find here / color option / similar here) + Nine West Booties (similar here) + Swarovski Crystal Key Pendant Necklace (steal / fab find) + Swarovski Circle Crystal Pendant Necklace (color option) + Swarovski Crystals bracelets and rings + Juicy Couture Watch + Prada Sunnies are each fab finds from my local TJ Maxx

Stylenspiration: "Fashion and style are not to the exclusion of faith and God's prompting. The talents that produce style are also gifted by Him." Y.S