Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lifenspire: bon voyage

In the last year, & more so in recent times, I've had friends, colleagues & strangers ask me if I have a  website or a blog showcasing my clothing designs & style art. My answer have repeatedly been 'no'. I have recently found myself drawn to instagram & have thus been introduced to the bloggers' world. Viewing a lot of blogs have opened my eyes to the realization that this medium is really a great outlet for me to showcase my artistic talents. 

Art is one of the many wonders of this world that is a gift to be shared by both the giver and the receiver. The one who gives the art enjoys the benefit of the pleasure of the receiver. 

Last Thursday morning, I got off the elevator on the 5th floor of my office building & was greeted with a "good morning Yemi, you are just the person I wished to see". I returned the good morning with a smile & asked how I could be of help. It so happened that Victoria had a style dilemma (not a fashion mishap). See, she was wearing a lovely flower printed top on a pleated white skirt & heels. But she kept fidgeting with her skirt as she thought it was sewn wrong. The front of the skirt looks better worn backwards & the back of the skirt looked better in reverse. Her problem was that she could not imagine herself wearing the back of the skirt as the front. My first question to her after listening attentively was, "how do you determine which side of the skirt is the front, & which is the back?" Victoria answered that the back is identified by where the clothing tag was placed. I smiled & asked her if she wears the tag on the front will anyone at all know this? She answered no. My smile got wider as I told her, "Victoria, you may wear the tag side of the skirt in the front, especially because it looks better that way." "There is no rule to how you wear an outfit so long as it is beautifully worn." She beamed, said thank you & went about her merry way. 

The smile on my face lasted a while longer as I settled down to begin my day. I gave Victoria a simple gift of style advice that made a difference in her day & in turn mine. This is what art is. In particular, style art which is my forte.

So today as I begin this journey, I look forward to sharing with all you world wide wonders my style art, & I'm thankful to my family, friends & fans who believe that my point of view makes a difference.