Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stylensire: trench take

Burberry has the blueprint on making the world's best trench coats ever!
 But this sleeveless Marc Jacobs version was a 'must have' for me and my take on styling it as a dress is simply chic. This trench was a 'high end' 'fab find' from last summer, but for the price, I have quite enjoyed wearing it last fall, this past spring and now again this season. The fact that it is sleeveless makes it irresistible and quite versatile to style.

I love buying versatile pieces for my wardrobe as I never like to be constrained on when and how I can wear a fashion item. The best buys are those you can implement into your everyday styling whichever way you choose to. You wear your money's worth but also get to enjoy doing so.

Trendy this season are animal prints which I see on almost everyone each day. From handbags to clutches to scarves and shoes and clothing; animal prints are on everything fashionable. Trends like this make my heart smile as I can daily shop my closet to style this print. It does help to have a matured fashion collection so you don't have to go out and buy, buy, buy.

My choosing to wear these purple suede booties gave my whole look a stylenspired twist that I very much enjoyed wearing. And oh, these booties were a gift from three birthdays ago! It was such a beauty/blessing to receive and I 'ooh' over it now as I did then. Fact is, each of these pieces  are a timeless style that I will enjoy for time to come. 

Happy Tuesday!

Outfit deets: Marc Jacobs sleeveless trench (fab style finds here) + BCBG Maxazria leopard print long sleeve + Michael Kors wrap-around bracelet + Juicy Couture watch + Swarovski Crystals rings are each from my TJ Maxx fab find collection // Purple Suede Bow booties (gift / Bakers

Stylenspiration: "Entrench yourself in beauty that is as much the heart of your character as it is of your style." Y.S
Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge

collage of pictures courtesy of 'google images'