Monday, August 12, 2013

Homenspire: wall art

I love the above wall art in the stairways at work. It was recently done just before this past Spring & I have since enjoyed taking the stairs (sometimes) just so I get to pause & enjoy looking at it. I loved it so much I wondered how I could recreate it at home. At that time I knew I would be moving to a new place & with my love for all things art & colorful, I started researching how to get this art recreated for me.

I deliberated on buying wood that was already laser cut, then spray painting it. I thought it would be easy to find but not so. The laser cut wood I found online where quite expensive & not big enough. I gave up trying to find something that would work after five months of looking. I started to look for other options for the wall. I have been in this new place for three months now & the white walls where driving me nuts (with a recent past experience  I was too lazy to paint the whole apartment, plus I wanted something creative & different. 

I walked into a Home Goods store two weeks ago (Home Goods is a TJX Company store) & I saw this room divider. Immediately I was drawn to it because it had the look I wanted. But I was stumped! How do I hang a 'room divider' on the wall. I also picked it up for weight & it was somewhat heavy. I kept circling it, while my brain was working a million watts per millisecond. I wanted to find a way to make it work, but I did not think it possible so I left the store without it (not without taking a picture of it though). 

For two weeks my mind raced on all possibilities of how I can use the divider as my wall art. I decided to just go for it. I am after all a risk-taker; I do try a whole lot of things, some that become stellar creations & others not so much. Once my mind was made up, my only other fear was that that specific wall divider will have been sold. 

TJX Companies almost always only have one-off items. If you wait, you may never find that piece again. With grace on my side, I did find it in the same store. I brought it home super excited. I already had my choice paint from Home Depot so I was good to go. 

In my living room.
First I unscrewed one end to change it from the original position to make sure it all folds in the same direction.
In this picture, I have it screwed back on, folding in the center direction.

Used measurements I took to tape off wall section where to paint.

All done!

I love it!
I used 6inch screws to hold it up on all four corners & in the middle. I must say that it came out beautifully too. I love it! I also painted my fireplace & hung up a mirror I got from the Home Goods store. I shared that picture below. 

I still have a few paint & art projects I need to do to get my apartment home into the style that I love. Fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, your home has to fashionably reflect your style & passion. Little thoughts & creativity around the house makes it warm & inviting. I am a home buddy & I do love to have friends over & my passion for all things creative & beautiful is evident here.

I hope you are homenspired to put a creative spin on your home style. Enjoy!

Deets: Room divider + Mirror from Home Goods // Glidden paint + painter's tape + paint brushes from Home Depot  

Stylenspiration: "A little bit goes a long way; find ways to creatively beautify your space to reflect your style." 
& you don't have to break the bank to do this, or refurnish the entire home. Revamp small spaces, paint just one wall, artfully use various colors of picture frames in varying sizes to put up pictures of love ones, refinish your sitting area/work space, colorful throw pillows, add colorful hands blown glasses, faux flowers are huge now & they make them to look real these days. The possibilities are endless; open your mind to it.