Friday, August 2, 2013

Stylenspire: see art, see style I

Today's earlier "week ender" post featured a necklace that is a statement piece with an interesting origin. In time, I will continue to share certain statement pieces of interesting origin with you. 

This necklace once adorned the neckline of a black Aidan Mattox dress that I found at TJ Maxx. The dress was on clearance down to what the store manager called "the last selling price". First off, the dress was far from my size & it was reaped in a few places. It looked to have been in the store for a while & must have been mishandled from numerous try-ons. I was not interested in the dress outside of the piece that adorned the neckline. There are times when I have considered clothing that are much bigger in size for the fact that I can get it altered. But the more I looked at this dress, the less I considered paying the $20.00
it was marked down to. Once I looked at how the piece was attached, I knew I could carefully take it apart & work on it from there. After this, no more consideration, I had to have this dress.

*two hooks&eyes were used, one on each end*

tools used: hook&eye + needle&thread + scissors (using a sew-on snap button could have been an option too)

*I mentioned the store manager saying the dress was on clearance at the last price because I asked to speak with the manager to see if I could get further discount on the dress. "IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ASK NICELY." 

*TJ Maxx price $179.99 // to get the neck piece I paid $20.00 for the dress. I was not considering trying to salvage the dress so the sum was the cost of the necklace (including the minutes it took me to separate it from the dress & stitch on the hook & eye).

*If you are going to buy a piece with the intention of taking an adornment off, first consider 'that you can take it off without doing damage' to the piece you need.

*When considering buying a piece that will need altering, always consider the price you are paying plus the potential cost of alteration. Will the sum total be worth it?

Stylenspiration: "See style differently - take another look & see art." 
Any fashion piece that grabs your eye did so for a reason; it appealed to your style. Pause & take a second look, take a third look if need be, considering all of its potential beyond a 'one time wear'. No matter the attraction, 'one time wears' are not worth it except it is your wedding dress. Any haute piece of fashion will have the potential to be incorporated in your daily expression of style over & over again.