Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stylenspiration: fashion feature

Today has not been a good day for me at all. I have been feeling sickly through the day & have been down in the dumps because of it. For a long holiday weekend such as this, I have my days planned with work I need to deliver, art that has been jumping around in my brain to be brought to life, & simply enough time to relax & enjoy some 'me nothings'. My challenged health has challenged all of these from happening & my mind has been in extreme thought mode. 

I thoroughly dislike curve-balls being thrown my way especially when I have my time all planned out to be fruitfully executed. Then I become my own worst critique which makes it much harder to take & to get over. 

Finally I open my laptop to see what's happening in the e-world & logging on to the blog reminds me that I have this post to put up. This feature of my work only reminds me of all else that I have to deliver & I'm finding it challenging to do so. Instead of being overwhelmed & upset, I feel a pause; I am reminded of how it is not by my power or might. Like turning out this outfit for my client was not by my power or might, but by the Grace of He Who enables me. All I have are the talents that He has put in me, & for each talent to yield fruit, I will offer all the little I have with GREAT FAITH that He will fill in the gaps & make it happen as He is known to do. 

If you are finding yourself challenged to do what it is you need to do, I hope that you are reminded that there is One Who can & Who will help you achieve it.

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"The LORD turned to him and said, "Go in the strength you have.......Am I not sending you?" JUDGES 6:14

"My mind that I create with, my hands that I work with, my all that enables me to keep going, I surrender to You Lord because for all these You have a Purpose to Achieve."