Friday, August 2, 2013

Stylenspire: week ender

There was something about this morning as I walked from the parking lot to my office that just surrounded me with calm. I feel relaxed & at peace. I'm not thinking about the day ahead, the challenges that may come, or the promises of God that I am waiting on. & in this calm, somehow, I feel beautiful! Yes, beautiful! The beauty of the peace of this early part of the day is not in my looks, nor about what I am wearing. Fact is, the weekend's here & my style choice is a casual spin. 

My thoughts led me to the question about how & when people feel beautiful. The beauty of ourselves & our lives should always transcend how you feel, how you look, what you are wearing, & even what you may be going through. Outside of all that, the beauty of you is in you. I'm even enlightened in the story that my outfit tells with its dots on circles. 

I totally know that it is His perfect love that envelopes me this morning with the serenity that allows me to feed on inner beauty on the outside. Christ is the perfect circle & we are the dots that fill it up. & with the nature of a sphere, His love surrounds us all sides in continuous harmony. 

I hope that as you enjoy stylenspiration from the pictures below, you will look within yourself & reflect on the beauty of Whose you are. 

Outfit deets: DIY Swiss Voile Lace Skirt (bespoke tailoring by me) + Polka dot+lace top + Bag by Cromia + Vera Wang Lavender Label black flats + Prada Sunglasses + rings + bracelets are all maxxinista fab finds from TJ Maxx // Sleeveless demin jacket from Levi Jeans // Watch Armani Exchange // DIY Necklce (by yours truly)

Stylenspiration: "Sometimes, the beauty of your style is not in what you are wearing, it is in how you feel about yourself & the world around you. You are fearfully, beautifully, & wonderfully made in the image of God & for a purpose too."

Photo credit: joyfully by V. Dodge

*moment of truth: "In retrospect, I really needed to feel God's Presence overcome me with His peace. It is not because I am ever without Him, but that the frail nature of my human self needs to feel His revealed presence every now & then. & I am ever so grateful for today's kiss from His throne of grace."

I pray that whoever you are, wherever you may be, God sends you an intimate show of  love from His throne of grace.